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Like nearly everyone, you have at least one significant relationship (with a family member or someone with whom you work) in which there is a persistent pattern of conflict. When events arise which follow this pattern you roll your eyes, take a deep breath, and mutter to yourself.

Through this site you can learn the tools of Creative Conflict Resolution which will help you

  • see clearly what the problem is,
  • identify what you can and cannot do to address it, and
  • act confidently to create what you need.

While these tools are difficult to use consistently, with practice nearly anyone can master them. As we refine these techniques, we find that we are no longer disrupted by these patterns but, instead, recognize that they are just conflict.


Like nearly everyone, you have trouble asserting what you need and stating how you feel in significant relationships. You are worried that you will be seen as needy, or self-centered, or controlling. You want things to be fair and just.

Through this site you can learn the tools of Creative Conflict Resolution and, as you master them, you will find that you

  • can find and remain in your center
  • act powerfully without abuse, and
  • create the qualities you need in each of your relationships.

As you use these tools you will discover that you not only create what you need, you are also creating what those around you need. Mastering these tools is a spiritual practice by which we create justice.

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This site is a companion to the book Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution published in October 2009. It is now available through AmazonPowell's, or Barnes and Noble.  For more about the book, click here.

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There are several kinds of maps which comprise the heart of the theory of CCR.  These are generally described as components.  [You can find an introduction to components here.] They are grouped on this site as words (in the glossary), disciplines, distinctions, and other maps. You can find an index page to each type by clicking on the tabs above.

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